Aluminum Foil In Your Kitchen- Should You Use It?

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Here’s the medical advisory first:

Doctors world over are warning that too much use of aluminum foil in the kitchen can lead to poisoning in our system. You may think that it is a kind of hoax because the aluminum foil is as much a part of the traditional kitchen utilities as much as the spoon and the fork. You may also argue that you have been eating your mom’s delicious cooking all wrapped in these shining wrappers and nothing wrong came from it. In fact, you have been doing that again while packing lunch boxes and takeaways from your kitchen. So, is this all imaginary?

Every kitchen worth it’s salt (quite literally) will and will have a drawer that when opened shows up a neatly rolled sheet of aluminum foil. It is not just the convenience of being able to hold things together without scattering in the box but also the metal’s ability to insulate heat that makes it a winner in all our kitchens.

Why is aluminum so handy in the kitchen?

Imagine carrying a sandwich with your favorite filling and then finding the filling and the crumbs scattered! Can you even bring yourself to even enjoy it that way? This is where the good old foil came in handy. The sandwich was wrapped neatly in the foil and stored in the box to be eaten as a sandwich only, not just bread and filling!

Roasted trout with tomato and lemon wrapped in aluminium foil

If aluminum is everywhere, then why fear?

Okay, so we have been using the metal since years and there seems to be no imminent danger. Then why create such a hullabaloo around it?
Yes, it has been around for years and yes we seem to be all doing alright! But that does not undermine the fact that the metal can indeed be bad for our health in the long run. Probably, the danger and the side effects are not immediately prominent, but there is surely danger lurking around the bend.
The problem with aluminum is that even though our body can assimilate all metals and essentially all metals get assimilated into our system, aluminum is one metal that does not get assimilated into our system and it stays in our body, in our heart’s arteries, in our livers, kidneys, Thyroid, and in the lungs.

No cooking food wrapped in aluminum please:

As if wrapping warm or very hot food in the foil is not harmful enough, some people go to the extent of cooking food in the wrap at extremely high temperatures. This can be nothing short of suicidal because this metal when heated to very high temperatures can melt and leach into the food.

Chocolate cake with almond topping in aluminum foil box packaging.

The harmful effects of aluminum on the brain:

The most prominent damage that aluminum can do to us is to our brains. In our bodies, it becomes neurotoxic in nature and it has been linked to neurological diseases like the Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Attention Deficit Disorder. And a peculiar nervous system condition called the Guilliane Barre’s syndrome which is generally associated with any sort of injury during vaccination.

The harmful effects of aluminum on the body:

This metal can adversely affect our bodies in a way that it can start accumulating in our bones and starts to weaken it. How this happens is that when this metal starts accumulated in our bones, it starts using up space where calcium must ideally be stored and most often aluminum wins. The continuous corrosion of calcium from our bones can lead to a condition called the osteoporosis where the bones can get so brittle that a slight fall can break them.

Aluminum exposure in newborn and young children:

Aluminum exposure in newborns and infants is that they are prone to conditions such as autism, vitamin D deficiency and other attention deficit disorders.
The effects of aluminum on vital organs
Lungs: breathing in air that is rich in an aluminum can result in serious pulmonary diseases like fibrosis. This condition is mostly seen to begin in people who extensively work in areas where there is high exposure to the metal.

Aluminum can alter DNA drastically:

The metal is also notorious for being able to alter the genetic material in case the exposure to it is very high. Other superficial effects are that it can set in aging faster and can also lead to loss of regenerative cells on the body.
Even though, you may want to throw away the roll just now, here is a list of foods that are scientifically believed to remove the aluminum content in our system.

glass of herbal tea with the aroma of Jasmine flower on wooden background

1. Onions;
2. Algae, the blue-green variety;
3. Garlic pods when eaten raw;
4. Coriander leaves;
5. Carrots and
6. Green tea.

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