How Could Maslow’s Hierarchy Be Used To Develop Marketing Strategy?

When Abraham Maslow created the hierarchy of needs, he probably did not expect it to become a source of inspiration for so many people. Nowadays, there is a high chance that an average factory worker and a renowned scientist both know what Maslow’s hierarchy is and how big of a role it played in history.


One industry that can significantly benefit from implementing Maslow’s ideas is marketing. Many young marketers are taught from the very beginning via different training and mentoring programs like MentorcliQ Software to keep in mind Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This helps them quickly identify their clients’ needs. Below we will go over how Maslow’s hierarchy of needs can help you create a profitable marketing strategy.

Create a marketing plan

It is vital to have a clear idea of what your marketing campaign is going to be before you even start working on it. Defining actionable steps that will help you reach your goal can significantly affect the results you get from it. One of the best ways to ensure that your marketing plan is well designed is to follow Maslow’s hierarchy. First, create a list of needs that your product can fulfill. Try to base those needs on the level of importance they hold for your target audience.


For example, if you are trying to attract wealthy customers, you need to focus on higher-level needs, such as self-esteem or self-actualization. If you are targeting people who are in desperate need of money, you should focus on more basic needs. Once you have a clear understanding of what each need means and how important it is for your target audience, you can start writing down all the actions that will help satisfy that need. When you do that, remember to follow Maslow’s triangle, as this will help you avoid unnecessary expenses and maximize your profits.

Find the right message

Your marketing strategy is not complete until you figure out which message will help you reach your goal and what kind of message will work best for your audience. While some products might require a simple message saying “buy me now”, others might need a more detailed explanation of what they offer and how they work.


You can use Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to find the most effective message for your customers and make sure they understand why they should buy your product. For example, if you are selling a high-quality skin cream, you should focus on the lower-order needs of your customers first.


Emphasize how well your product works compared to competitors. Assure them that their skin will achieve healthy levels of moisture within just a few days of using it. Only after you have impressed them with a solid argument about the quality of your product should you start focusing on higher-order needs, such as self-actualization. You can tell them that using your product will make them look younger and more attractive than ever before.

Make it easy for people to buy what you are selling

Now that you have a clear idea of what your product offers and why people should buy it, it is time to make sure that they can purchase it easily. For this, it is important to think about the entire buying process and figure out how many obstacles there are in place that might complicate it for your customers.


Consider how many steps are required when buying your product, whether there are any additional costs in place, and whether this process can be simplified in some way better than the competition’s products can. For example, if your product is sold in retail stores, consider whether there are any additional costs for shipping and delivery. If there are none, then perhaps you could offer free delivery services to clients who buy large quantities? This could significantly affect customer satisfaction and boost sales in the long run.

Use communication channels effectively

The internet has made communicating with people easier than ever before, which means that every business can easily reach millions of potential customers at once without having to spend a fortune on advertisements. However, there are still some things that are impossible to do online, for example, touching a product or seeing it in person before buying it. Therefore, marketing strategies need to include both online and offline methods of communication.


When choosing which communication channels will work best for your business, don’t forget to keep Maslow’s hierarchy in mind. Consider where your audience spends most of its time and focus on those channels first. If your target audience spends most of its time playing video games or watching TV shows online, then an online advertisement should be one of the first things you consider using in your marketing strategy. In fact, there is a good chance that most of them will never even see an offline advertising method – simply because they don’t turn on their TVs or go shopping very often.

Create a strong relationship with customers

A lasting relationship between a business and its clients is what everybody dreams of achieving. If you want to earn the loyalty of your customers forever (and avoid losing them to competitors), then try to keep them satisfied at all times by meeting their needs as closely as possible. Do this by offering them discounts for first-time buyers or loyalty rewards for continuous purchases using similar products. Never forget about customer feedback because you need to always listen carefully to any requests or ideas that they might have for improving your products or service.


A great marketing strategy is one of the most important factors that will affect your sales in the long run. Although it can be hard to create a perfect marketing strategy on your own, keeping Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in mind will help you create a plan that will satisfy your customers’ needs. If you manage to do that, then you will be able to gain their loyalty and never lose them to competitors.

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