Factors to Consider before Taking Sports Massage

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We all know how beneficial a simple message to us is. Babies are encouraged to get a good massage every day, as the massage helps in bone development and increases the stamina.

Similarly for a sports person, be it injured or not, a message is mandated. It helps in improving the bone strength and also aids recovery from any injury. The benefits of such massages are numerous; especially it increases flexibility, which is essential for any sportsman.

Do you know what should you know before fixing an appointment with your therapist? Well, for those who don’t know about this, we iterate it isn’t going to be a regular spa treatment massage therapy. It’s a specialized therapy given to sports personalities to recover from any injuries or even before attending any serious events.

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Know the types of massages available:

Massages for Sportsman consist of different types and you must know them, and the one you need. Don’t go by the names, exotic ones or special ones, you might not know their actual necessity until you learn about it.

Example, we can consider the Swedish massage that is actually moisturizing your skin, whereas the messages using hot stones are no better in relieving the tightness of the muscles. So, as a sportsman, you must make a choice between the general sports massage that offers relief to the muscle tightness or any injury. A Myofascial massage also works good, when you are looking for relieving stress and tension from the muscles.

Double confirm your need for a massage before any event:

If you are a sportsman, who already have experience with massage then go ahead with your plans. But if you are a newbie, we advise you to take up this massage therapy well before the event, maybe 3-4, at the least 2 days prior. Even for an experienced athlete, it’s a day or 2 prior and the reason is the soreness that your body feels. It’s as simple as using a brand new shoe on the day of the event, would you ever do that?

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Evaluate the therapist beforehand:

Before hitting the therapy center or even booking an appointment we recommend that you take a referral from others, so you are not at risk further. Just that every person has a different experience level, and not everyone possesses the same quality, hence taking referrals and finding of the therapist will help you to choose the better one.

Ask questions, like the experience of the therapist, qualification, experience in the sports field and so on. Stick to those whom you feel comfortable with and you think can handle you better.

Stay Hydrated:

Be it on a sports day, or massage, being hydrated is essential. Dehydration or less water can stiffen the muscles and ligaments, which leads to more pain when massaged.

We hear a myth that, need more liquids post message! But we never see any benefit or the need for it. Massage isn’t flushing out toxins from your body (unless you take those special Ayurveda massages), so stay hydrated well pre-massage, so that your muscles will be free to be moved and cleared of stress.

For the recovery path, take massages Post-event:

Massages are very effective post events that help the body to repair the muscles and regain stamina. They help calm the nervous systems and allow the healing process to start quicker than usual. This applies to a regular sportsman who has had experiences of massages, for newbies however it would need a day or 2 to settle down with the body soreness and regain strength.

Keep your tummy light:

While you have an appointment with your therapist, ensure that your tummy is light. Lying down on your tummy with heaviness will only cause bad, slowing down your digestion process, and all others linked.

We advise you to take a heavy meal 3 hours before your message, or a light snack an hour before the scheduled massage. You don’t want to be feeling heavy and cranky at the table, isn’t it?


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