Swimming: An Excellent Way to Rejuvenate and Workout

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It goes without saying that swimming is one of the most prevalent sports activities in the world. We are surrounded by countless water bodies around us along with numerous man-made swimming pools. This is why swimming has become a great passion for many swimmers and learners. The best part is that swimming is no more considered just a fun activity or a competitive sport; it is very much regarded as an amazing way to relax as well as workout for having a fit body. This healthy activity can be continued for a lifetime as it has some outstanding physical and mental health benefits.

Swimming- The perfect source of daily exercise:

Many fitness experts have considered swimming as the perfect exercise for people of every age. The reason for this is that this activity offers all the profits of an aerobic workout without having any negative impacts on the joints. Old or young, man or woman; everyone can enjoy swimming at any hour of the day. Many athletes indulge in swimming to stay strong and recover from injuries. One fact that boosts one’s idea to opt for swimming is that it does not need any fancy equipment. All you need is water and a passion to swim.


Advantages of swimming:

This physical activity has much more benefits that are not immediately visible to all of us. Here are some of the best outcomes for someone who indulges in swimming religiously-

  1. Weight management: Experts say that an adult is bound to burn over 350 calories after a 30 minutes session of breaststroke. This is much more than how much one would ideally burn while walking, cycling and even running. So whenever you are planning to lose that extra weight, swimming should be your primary workout.


  1. Muscle strengthening: The fact is that resistance of water is much greater than air. This implies that one has to struggle and work harder while trying to move in the water. Swimming is as good as working out with weights without arranging any costly equipment. This is another advantage that makes swimming an affordable exercising option.


  1. Boosts mood and improves sleep: If one takes out time to swim, he or she is most unlikely to feel tense, depressed, stressed and confused over time. The release of serotonin hormone while swimming keeps your spirits high, thus improving your mood. Additionally, for being a good workout, it induces sleep and prevents insomnia.


  1. Lowering the risk of diseases: Apart from being beneficial for our heart and a great cardiovascular exercise, swimming also controls sugar, lowers blood pressure and reduces levels of bad cholesterol. This helps us in preventing the development of any major and hazardous diseases.


  1. Prevents arthritis: For being a great workout for the joints, swimming helps us in staying unaffected by arthritis. By reducing the stiffness and discomfort, it encourages flexibility in our body.

Fit swimmer training by himself in the swimming pool at the leisure centre

Mental benefits of swimming:

When swimming is done from a recreational point of view, it leaves us with an optimistic feeling post the session. This fun engagement with water decreases our stress levels and helps our mind to stay positive. Another important input of swimming in our life is that enhances our social life. It gives us an opportunity to meet new people and interact with them while working out for a fitter body. What can be better than this, right? It allows us to share and create memories, and ultimately lead a happier life.

Benefits of swimming for elderly people:

Happy mature couple in the swimming pool

No one can deny the fact that elderly people, especially senior citizens, do not get enough exercise to stay healthy. Remember that your age is never a barrier when it comes to swimming. This is definitely one of the best ways to exercise as it does not lay any direct stress on your muscles and joints. It increases your bone density, which subsequently reduces your risk for having a fracture.

Swimming is that type of exercise that everyone can enjoy. It boosts your mood and strengthens your body for a healthier life. Swimming enthusiasts wait for the summer season to take out their costumes and dive into deep blue water for ultimate rejuvenation. Beat the heat your way without compromising on your workout plans; opt for swimming and create a healthy living for yourself as wee as your loved ones. Also, remember that it is never too late to start learning in case you’re a non-swimmer. Check out for swimming learning classes around you and enjoy this fun-filled activity.

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