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Being an athlete or a sportsman is not just about the practice and training you undertake but about what nutrition you are feeding the body with.  The human body requires certain essential nutrients for the day to day activities without which it might fall sick and when comes to sports life, it requires even more of all these in extra quantities for they are going to be used in greater quantities here. Just keeping your body slim and trim is not going to make you strong or fit for a sports activity but you also need to be nutritious and healthy. Let`s look at some of the very common and essential nutrients that would aid this purpose.

  • Fuel your body with fats – it is generally said and believed that fatty foods are bad for the body as they accumulate too much of fats. Actually, it is not these fatty foodstuffs that are the culprits but the human body that restrains from physical activity. A human body is made in such a way that it needs certain proportions of every nutrient and when it is put under proper workout it will digest all that was taken after absorbing the essentials. But it is this lack of exercise that tells us to avoid the fat- plump foods. This is for a normal human being. But in the life of a sportsman, it is this fat that is going to fuel his continuity on tracks. He needs more fats to be burnt for more calories. So it is essential that he consumes more fat-filled foods, carbohydrates etc…


  • Proteins to push the stamina levels – protein is very essential for the repair and rejuvenation of muscles and broken bones which is a very common happening in a sports person`s life. They pump in the required amount of amino acids into the muscles when they are put under pressure during workouts. So it is necessary that they take proteins before and after the workouts to keep the body fit and strong.

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  • Vital vitamins and minerals – vitamins and minerals, though do not have anything special to be granted to the sportsperson in specific, they help in the very task of unlocking the energy stored in the different parts of the body and help in releasing them at the right time when the body wants it the most. This is very much a case in an athlete for he might go drained out at any time during his event and it is this vitamins and minerals that will come to his rescue at the correct time.

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  • Whirling water – human body has more than 60% of water in it. This liquid medium is very important for the regular, undisturbed functioning of the body though it does not carry anything in special. Water is very helpful in flushing out all the unwanted toxins from the body. They help the body in functioning at its best and hence when you are drained out of this, it is important for you to replace the amounts lost. This generally happens after a heavy workout or a gym session. This fluid keeps you away from dehydration and other common problems. Most of the problems like feeling dizzy, feeling dried out and improper urinating are all caused due to lack of enough quantity of this transparent liquid in the body. So one way of keeping the body fit is by keeping it filled with enough water that will become the barricade for many problems.


  • Supporting supplements – though we say that the natural nutrients like proteins, vitamins, and minerals are the ones that are going to provide the required amount of energy and nutrition while on field, it is also important for a sportsperson to rely a little on the natural supplements that will help him in gaining instant energy and stamina. These are just supplements as the name itself suggests and are not some magical pills that will push him up enormously in his energy levels. A proper dosage of this would help in using all his energy stored in the body at the right time. These supplements also come in the form of energy drinks and natural ones are always safer and efficient without any side effects.

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